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Application Cases and Successful Experience of Ship Cranes

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Welcome to BOBLIFT; we are an industry-leading truck-mounted and ship cranes manufacturer. Are you curious about ship cranes? Here’s everything you need to learn about ship cranes.

The shipping industry has grown to where it is now, partially thanks to the advancement in shipping crane technology. Indeed, no enterprise would be willing to invest in massive container ships if it took an eternity to load and offload cargo. Ship cranes are also used for the construction, maintenance, and repair of onshore and offshore assets.

Types of Ship Cranes

If you have been around more than a couple of ship cranes, you have likely noticed that they don't all look the same. Most operations that incorporate the use of ship cranes involve the following three types:

Jib Cranes

Jib cranes feature a horizontal operating arm extending from the main body. Some advantages of jib cranes are increased reach and flexibility and improved precision.

Telescopic Cranes

Telescopic cranes feature a boom (arm) connected to a hydraulic cylinder, enabling the arm to extend as needed. The top pros of telescopic cranes are increased vertical loading accuracy and better handling for fragile loads.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes have overhead rails featuring single or double girders and are supported by freestanding legs on both ends. The advantages of gantry cranes are incredible customization and high strength for heavy loads.

Applications of Ship Cranes

Ship cranes facilitate numerous activities in and around large water bodies, such as oil/gas exploration and construction.

Oil and Gas Exploration

The increasing exploration of large oil and gas reserves within lakes and oceans over the last century has been made possible by ship cranes. They are utilized to load heavy equipment and machinery to oil rigs. Ship cranes employed in oil and gas exploration are specially engineered to cope with the rough weather conditions and hazardous environments linked with oil and gas exploration.

Construction Industry

A notable percentage of the global human population lives close to the coast. There’s always a massive demand for construction materials near the worldwide coast. Ship cranes are often employed in the construction of artificial islands and water-front high-rise buildings.

The Successful Experience of Ship Cranes

Whenever you order goods that are to be delivered by water, you can now expect it to reach you significantly faster than it would have a couple of years ago. This is because ship cranes have brought enhanced cargo handling efficiency. As a result, the shipping industry has grown exponentially, opening opportunities for new companies to join the frenzy.

In conclusion, ship cranes have also been pivotal in the growth of international trade. Now, cargo can be transported globally more efficiently and at a lower cost. There are now more ships transporting goods to a port near you more frequently than ever before.

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