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Other Crane

Other Crane

Other Cranes include timber cranes and steel cranes. Timber cranes are used to efficiently grab, handle and stack timber from forests or wood processing sites. Steel grab cranes are used for lifting steel in environments such as construction sites, harbors and freight yards.

With high reliability and outstanding performance, these cranes meet the needs of various industries for lifting operations. They use advanced technology and design to provide efficient and safe lifting capacity with the flexibility and maneuverability to suit the requirements of different operating environments.

Both the wood and steel cranes are equipped with powerful gripping equipment to securely hold wood or steel and ensure its stability and safety. These cranes also have the versatility to rotate, telescope and lift for more precise operation.

Whether in forests, construction sites or ports, these cranes play a key role. They provide an efficient and reliable solution for the timber and steel industries, helping to increase productivity and reduce labor costs

  • ZM75: Arm Length 7667MM -Timber Crane
    The ZM75 Timber Crane has a 7667 mm arm length and a 700 kg lifting capacity. The timber crane has an integrated operating system that provides compound actions meant to improve its speed, flexibility, and efficiency. The crane has an efficient grapple designed in an arc shape for reduced resistance and wear & tear. The crane is known for its efficiency, energy-saving properties, and safety during performance.
  • ZM65: Arm Length 7600MM -Timber Crane
    This timber crane has a 700kg maximum lifting capacity, which is pretty sufficient for small time users. It also has a 6.5 TON.m maximum lifting moment. The crane is efficient and safe to use because of its 380-degree slewing angle and several other technical specifications. Lastly, it requires a convenient 800mm installation space.
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