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Mini Dumpers

Mini Dumpers

If you are in the construction or landscaping industry then you know just how much dust and debris you collect on site. Getting a small enough dumper that does not damage the land yet is efficient enough to move things around can be a hassle. It is for this reason that we at BOB-LIFT have come up with a min dumper series that you can use for these purposes.

We have an extensive catalog that includes dumpers that can carry different weights so no matter what your needs are; rest assured we will meet them. Check out our catalog and pick a truck that will best suit your needs.

  • 1.5 Ton Mini Dumper
    The Mini Dumper, with a capacity of 1.5 tons, can handle loads weighing up to 1500 kg. It comes with a bucket volume of 0.75 meters and a discharge height of 240 mm. The dumper can handle slopes up to a maximum gradient of 21%. Additionally, it features a bucket width of 1580 mm, a turning radius of 4000mm. It operates using tipping technology.
  • 2 Ton Mini Dumper
    The 2 Ton Mini Dumper has a 1 meter-cubed rated bucket capacity, a 24 KW rated power, and a 2000 kg rated load. It has a 390mm discharge height, a 21-percent maximum gradient, and a hydraulic tipping model.
  • 3 Ton Mini Dumper
    The 3 Ton Mini Dumper has a 1700 mm bucket width, a 3000 kg rated load, and a 1.5 meters cubed bucket volume. It has a 300mm discharge height, a 21% maximum gradient, and a 200m minimum ground clearance.
  • 1 Ton Mini Dumper
    The mini dumper has a 1000 kg rated load and a 0.5 meters cubed bucket volume. The dumper has a 1480mm bucket width, a 150mm discharge height, and a 4000mm turning radius. It has a 1500mm wheel base, a mechanical tipping model, and an electric start.
  • 4 Ton Mini Dumper
    This dumper has a 4-ton rated load with a 460mm discharge height. The 4 Ton Mini Dumper has a 21% maximum gradient and can climb slightly steep inclines. It also has an 1800mm bucket width for carrying loads and a 45mm turning radius. Lastly, the dumper has a 240mm ground clearance, and a 2130 mm wheelbase.
  • 5 Ton Mini Dumper
    The 5 Ton Mini Dumper has a 5000 kg rated load, 2.5 meters cubic of bucket volume, and a 390mm discharge height. The dumper has a 1700mm bucket width, a 21% maximum gradient, and a 200mm mini ground clearance.
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