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How to Choose the Right Truck-Mounted Crane and Maintain It

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Picture this: You’re at a work site where you have to lift heavy objects all day. The truck-mounted crane is your best friend in this situation, but it just broke down. For some reason, it can’t reach the necessary height or take on anything above the weight limit. Now, your productivity is at a standstill, and frustration sets in.

But don’t worry! In this guide, we’re going to help you avoid situations like these. We’ll explore why finding the right truck-mounted crane is so important for your operations.

To top it off, we’ll dive into essential maintenance practices that will keep your investment running smoothly. Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into the world of truck-mounted cranes.

Selecting the Right Truck-Mounted Crane

Think About What You Need

As we begin our quest for the perfect truck-mounted crane, let’s first stop by understanding your needs for lifting things. You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing how many people need to fit in it, right?

The same logic applies here as well. Think about what’s the heaviest thing you’ll need to carry, both now and in the future. This foresight ensures that no matter how hefty it gets; your chosen crane can get through it all.

Check Lift Height

Next up, let’s talk about the working radius. This is a fancy way of asking how far does your crane have to stretch to reach loads? And if you think it only affects convenience, think again. It directly affects the crane’s lifting capacity. If the situation calls for it, then choose a model that can comfortably extend.

Compatibility with Your Truck

The ability to lift heavy objects isn’t only limited to the crane. The truck is also very important. One thing about it is that you have to check if it’s compatible with weights and dimensions. Ensure the crane’s weight is supported by the truck. You can do this by looking at things like its payload capacity, how sturdy the chassis is, and its ability to keep stable.

You should also take into account how easy it is for you to move it. Are your projects usually in one location? If you’re constantly moving, then surely, you’ll want one with quick setup and breakdown features.

No matter what, always keep an eye out for legal regulations when moving heavy machinery on roadways in your region.

Safety First

Every time we work with truck-mounted cranes, safety always comes first. It’s about more than just completing a task, but ensuring everyone goes home unharmed.

When you’re looking for one that carries this mindset, prioritize their safety features such as on loading relay anti-two block unit and balance initiator monitoring processes.

These features are like a trusty net to prevent mishaps from turning your operations into a bad day.

Doing Regular Check-ups for Your Crane

Inspections That Are Never Negotiable

Now we’re on to maintenance. Think of it as going to the doctor for regular check-ups. Before and after each use, give your crane the once over. Look for any signs of wear, pesky hydraulic leaks, or loose connections. Getting ahead of these problems can save you time and money.

Lubricate Away

Keep all of your crane’s moving parts lubricated correctly and in large amounts, this will reduce friction and extend its life span. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding lubricants and how often you should be applying them.

A Clean Crane is a Happy Crane

Just like most things in life, having dirt on it can cause some serious consequences if left unattended for long enough, especially when there’s machinery involved. Maintain your crane by frequently cleaning it and eliminating wastes and corrosive substances as often as possible.

When cleaning, pay special attention to the boom lines and electrical connections since they’re more sensitive than other components.

Train Your Operators

Remember the saying “knowledge is power”? Well, that couldn’t be truer here. Having a well-trained crane operator could make or break you in this industry. They should be certified and very familiar with your specific truck-mounted crane model. Refresher training can also be very handy to keep their skills sharp.

Leave it to the Experts

While it may seem tempting to try to fix or service your crane yourself, you might want to think twice about that decision. Instead, leave it up to the pros who have experience working with truck-mounted cranes. Doing so will prevent any potential damage that can snowball into bigger issues later, and you’ll also ensure your crane is always at its best performance level.

If you adhere to the criteria of choosing an appropriate truck-mounted crane and properly maintaining it your operations will flow seamlessly, ensuring the progress of your projects is on schedule and successful returns on your investments.

Remember, it's not just about any crane; it's about the right one for your needs. So, make your choice wisely and watch your productivity soar.

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