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Working Principle and Application Scenarios of Ship Cranes

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BOBLIFT - A Ship Cranes Working Principle and Application Scenarios

Ship cranes are essential tools for loading and unloading cargo on ships. The purpose is to move them safely and efficiently on and off the ship. In this article, we will show you how it works, as well as the scenarios they’re used in.


Working Principle of Ship Cranes

The magic behind these machines is in their hydraulics. Equipped with hydraulic cylinders powered by a pump when it’s activated, high pressure hydraulic liquid is sent through the cylinders, causing them to extend and lift the load.

On top of that, they also have cables and pulleys that move the load around both horizontally and vertically.


Where to Use Ship Cranes

There are a lot of places that ship cranes can be used in. The most common one is using them on ships to carry cargo. They are also used to move containers in ports and lift heavy equipment. Another industry they’re useful for is the offshore industry; they use ship cranes to lift and move heavy loads on oil rigs.

In addition, these cranes also find themselves pretty handy when it comes to building and repairing ships at a shipyard. Just like how they would be used on a ship, they’re used to lift heavy portions of the ship and put them into place for welding or any other assembly task.


Ship cranes prove themselves to be extremely important pieces of equipment for lifting heavy loads safely and efficiently. They work with hydraulic power, which allows them to get their job done fast and without any issues. As shipping and offshore industries continue to grow, so will the demand for this type of crane.

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