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Differences between Marine Cranes and Offshore Cranes

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One area that uses cranes a lot is the maritime industry. Since there are so many types of cranes in the industry, it is easy for one to get confused over which crane works. Whether you work in the maritime industry or are simply interested in cranes, you need to differentiate between the different types of cranes used. Here are some of the things that make marine and offshore cranes so different.


Marine Cranes

Marine cranes are often installed on the deck of ships. They come in handy when you need to stack items on the ship or move things around. Having these cranes on your ship goes a long way to cut down on labor costs especially if you spend a long time in the sea. Marine cranes also go by the name deck cranes because of the place they are installed.


● It adopts to wind fluctuations to make it able to work in the worst sea conditions.

● Works in seawater fluctuations of up to ≤5° and a trim of ≤2°.

Offshore Cranes

Just as the name suggests, offshore cranes are normally used in the open sea or ocean. They are vital in moving cargo from one ship to another, can be used on oil rigs as well as ensuring that materials are transferred to the rigs. It makes things easier especially for the oil rig workers.

One thing that stands out with this crane is how sturdy it is.  Since it stays at sea for long, it is made with materials that can easily withstand all the waves and the extreme weather out at sea.


● Comes with extendable legs to help it get installed at sea.

● Made to adapt to the sea conditions


Even though these two rigs are made to work in the maritime industry, they both come with different and distinct features. Knowing what to expect or look out for will go a long way to ensure that you get to figure out what will work for you and what will not.


One of the main differences is the area they are used in. Marine cranes can only be installed on a ship deck. Even though they are strong enough to withstand the strong winds, they are still not strong enough to be out in the sea in the rough waters. Offshore cranes on the other hand have been made to withstand the rough sea weather and waves. They are bigger and stronger and therefore only fit on a seabed or near an oil rig. Their size and bulkiness mean you cannot install or use them on a ship deck.


Even though these two cranes are both used in lifting heavy loads, the location where they are used at makes them different. Most of the time you find that the marine crane will only be lifting loads on the ship deck and moving those around.

Offshore cranes on the other hand can move loads from a shop to the oil rig or around the oil rig. While this is not a huge difference, it is one of the things that is greatly used to differentiate the two kinds of cranes.

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