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What is the difference between a crane telescopic boom and a knuckle boom?

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The crane boom is divided into two types: telescopic boom and folding boom. The main differences between the two are as follows:

1. The height of the cargo

When the crane is running, the lower part of the boom of the jib crane is placed horizontally between the car cab and the crane carriage, and the boom is placed vertically above the carriage, so that the goods cannot exceed the height of the boom, and there is no limit to the folding boom.

2. Working radius

Under the same arm length, the telescopic arm truck crane can also expand the working depth by placing a long wire hook, while the folding arm truck crane is not easy to complete the work that requires deeper.

3. Control the difficulty of vertical take-off and landing

The straight arm is easier to control the vertical take-off and landing. The telescopic arm adopts the retractable lifting mechanism of the wire rope, which can strictly control the take-off and landing of the hanging object, while the folding arm adopts the hydraulic cylinder, which is difficult to control the vertical take-off and landing of the lifting object.

4. Difficulty of operation

The telescopic arm truck-mounted crane adopts a hoisting mechanism that retracts and unwinds the steel wire on a reel, and the operation is relatively simple, while the folding arm is mounted on the truck to hoist multiple hydraulic cylinders to complete the action similar to a manipulator, which is more difficult to operate.

5. Easy to install

The telescopic arm is relatively loose in structure, which is conducive to dispersing the load of the whole vehicle, and the center of gravity is far away from the installation position, especially when lifting heavy objects, which is more conducive to dispersing the axle load of the chassis.

crane telescopic boom and a knuckle boom

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