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What safety requirements should be paid attention to when the crane is operated?

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With the use of truck crane in the production activities of our country, the frequency of all kinds of accidents are increasing. The most common accidents of truck crane are rollover and broken arm accidents. The main cause of rollover accident is the loss of stability of crane. The causes of loss of stability are: lifting overload, bearing unbalance, inertia force, centrifugal force, wind, etc. The accident of broken arm is mainly due to the high elevation Angle of the heavy arm and the action of inertia force caused by the heavy arm fall. To reduce the recurrence of similar accidents, it is necessary to standardize the operation behavior of truck crane, to ensure safety and error.
Before the use of truck crane, to check the safety device the main safety device has amplitude indicator, lifting degree limit, pressure gauge, etc. The amplitude indicator pointer can reflect the elevation of the boom under various working conditions. According to the amplitude, the allowable lifting weight is determined by referring to "Lifting performance table" and "lifting characteristic curve", so as to avoid overload. Lift limit is used to prevent hook overwinding, when the hook overwinding automatically stop hook action. The working pressure of the oil circuit of the hydraulic system is displayed through the pressure gauge in the condition that the safety device is complete, and the idling system is in normal operation before it can be operated.

Attention should be paid to the lifting operation of the truck crane: 1, the ground should be smooth and solid, the leg must be in the full extension state, and the crane should be adjusted to the level state; When the longest arm is working, the wind force shall not be greater than level 5. 2,The crane front is prohibited from operating, that is, the center of gravity of the hook shall not exceed the connection between the center of rotation and the grounding center line of the front leg during lifting operation. 3, In the case that the lifting weight indicating device is faulty and can not be used, the lifting weight should be determined according to the lifting performance table, and the lifting weight should be within the total lifting weight.

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