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About the structural features and market prospects of straight-boom and folding-boom truck-mounted cranes

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If you work with cranes then chances are at one point you might have confused the two main types of booms in the market. Knowing what you have and if it will work for you is very important. It ensures that you order the right crane for whatever tasks you have in mind and cuts down on the waiting time. Here are the main structural differences between the stiff boom and folding boom cranes.

Straight boom

As the name suggests, a straight boom crane, also known as a stiff boom has a single straight pole. It is ideal for big spaces since it cannot be folded up. Stiff cranes are found in areas where there is enough space for movement especially on the roads.

The straight boom has no hinges but it expands like a telescope. As such, you have more room to choose how long or short you would want it to be as you work on different areas.

Used for

●       Reaching high areas, it can work up to 57 meters

●       Works on rough terrain

●       Lifting materials to higher workplaces

3.2T Truck-mounted Crane

Knuckle boom

The knuckle boom crane comes with a hinge that can rotate in most ways. As such, it can be folded up once the work is done. The folding mechanism makes it perfect for use in areas with limited space. The crane is compatible, which is a huge plus.

Used for

●       Smaller tighter spaces

●       Areas that need regular height changes

●       Hard to reach areas in any worksites

2T Truck-mounted Crane

Market prospects

Even though these two cranes are different in functionality, they have both found uses in different areas. If you are in the construction or maintenance industry, then you know how vital it is to have the right crane on site.

Both these cranes come in handy depending on which area they are used in.  Since they all have different and unique structural features, it helps to figure out what the uses are before you pick the crane.

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